Friday, July 15, 2011

Channel on Youtube

For the time being, I upload videos on youtube.  I've uploaded a few, but doing kind of unsuccessful. Well, I dislike the fact have to pay in order for the videos to be promoted with success. However, I'm thinking about doing it now. I've uploaded a video of Ghost Adventures, a very popular paranormal investigating team. I mean, they are the most popular among the millions of investigators. It's only because of their credibility and great taste of entertainment. Another TAPS. They are another who's credible in work, because there's a lot of liars out there. Credible investigators are hard to find, and I've looked for them. These are the only two who are famous, and I know are credible. They handle things professionally, some times with humor. vi

Wizard of Oz

Speaking of timeless classics, Wizard of Oz was produced in 1930, but still everyone is keeping the story alive. Let's not forget it too originated from a book. After all, some of the most impacting stories originates from books. Several has tried remaking the movie, but the original cannot be beaten. Such great acting and a plot that will always be remembered. Who knew the Wizard of Oz would have such an impact on the world, that it would last longer than the people who created it? Judy Garland and the rest of the cast has taken the extended position in the world, no one can quite remaster a movie like the original Wizard of Oz. The trending stories these days are simply modern and fictional, so the reason this remained in the spotlight seems uncommon. The world often forgets classics, movies/books that were created in the past, but there are a hand full that make an impact enough to stay on the trending list.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Series

The Final movie on July 15th. J.K. Rowling has taken the world on a roller coaster of mystery, fantasy, adventure and incredible magic. Have to admit, Harry Potter cannot be compared with no other book/movie in the world. I'm pretty sure everyone has tried comparing the series to being unsuccessful. She thought of things no one else has thought of, and now the masterpiece is coming to an end. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. That's not entirely true however. Like other timeless classics, Harry Potter has been given the privilege most movies/books never have, and never will. Harry Potter has a place forever in Disney? What a privilege that is, what an honor to be apart of Walt Disney. Everyone will miss the magic being brought recently, but this is a series that's worth looking back on. For it's not the end, for it will last for several years to come.
Let the magic begin
Well, you can't remember Harry Potter without remembering first the beginning of the wondrous world of Harry Potter. It all began with one book. A single book changed the whole world. It went nationwide, and everyone's afraid there will never be a book quite like the Harry Potter series. Have to admit, no other series could grasp the attention of the audience and keep it for so long. Being an author myself, I know for a fact majority of authors cannot keep the attention of the crowd, at least not for a decade. Even movies, people get tired of the same old series, but not with Harry Potter. Suppose everyone saw the series within the eyes of the creator. For ten years, and everyone is still asking for more. What a great privilege for an author, for an actor.

J. K. Rowling's imagination, her visions were brought to life when the first movie was produced. I mean everyone has a face now. When reading the books, you see the actors playing the roles of these characters she has created. Very interesting, unique by the way. Such lucky people, who were picked to be apart of something extraordinary. I'd say they were lucky. Imagine out of the millions of people in the world, Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Mr. Rubert with other Harry Potter actors were chosen. everyone's going to always remember them from the Harry Potter series.

Aftermath (North Minneapolis Tornado)

Tribute to Arctic Dogs

Harry Potter Infinite Legends

I'm Qimuktis, the youtuber who creates assorted kinds of videos. The first video of Harry Potter, would you say it was not created well? Probably not, from beginning to end, it tells a story. However, I am creating another video of Harry Potter, the music directly from the soundtracks. Until that video is created, here's an alternative for everyone to watch and get a glimpse of what the second one would be about. Please remember to share, like, comment and subscribe to my channel.